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Explore Valentine, NE and the Sandhills!



Valentine Area Links:


Valentine Chamber of Commerce


Valentine is the Heart City. There are many activities throughout the year, including: ice fishing,

water sports at Merritt Dam Resevior, canoeing, camping, hiking, and biking.


For more area activities contact the Chamber at 402-376-2969


Fort Niobrara Wildlife Refuge


The south banks of the Niobrara River are famous for the many fresh water springs flowing into the river, making the banks appear to be sweating. Frost forms in the cooler fall months and ice in the winter months.


Valentine is home to the Smith Falls State Park.


One of the Niobrara River Valley’s many waterfalls, Smith Falls is the highest in the state.

The spring-fed water drops almost 70 feet and then flows into the Niobrara River.

KVSH Radio Station - calendar of events.

Related Links:


Nebraska Health Care Association


Nebraska Healthcare Association and Nebraska Assisted Living Association

are located in the same office in Lincoln, NE.

They can be reached at: 402-435-3551


Northeast Nebraska Area Agency on Aging provides local communities with services for the elderly and persons with disabilities.


    Regional Office in Norfolk, NE




League of Human Dignity


    Regional Office in Norfolk, NE

     402-371-4475 or toll free 800-843-5785

     Email: is Nebraska's support and information connection for families and professionals seeking assistance on many topics including:


  • Assisted Living

  • Eldercare

  • Long-Term Care Planning

  • Medicare D

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