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Medication Aide

Valentine, NE, USA

Full Time - 12 Hour Shift

About the Position

We are currently seeking an experienced and compassionate Medication Aide/Personal Care Assistant who can work in an assisted living facility. The ideal candidate has previous professional experience caring for older individuals with medical conditions, and can attend to the needs of their residents with varying degrees of dementia. Our employees must meet the highest standards of professionalism and compassion.



  • Understand and properly dispense medications.

  • Be able to follow medication orders.

  • Be able to record medication distribution in computer database.

  • Be able to make and follow-up on resident doctor appointments.

  • Have knowledge of allergies, reactions, side effects, and drug interactions.

  • Have basic knowledge of geriatric conditions; have basic knowledge of geriatric care; have basic knowledge of the aging process; have basic knowledge of disease states that affect the elderly; have basic knowledge of medications used in the elderly.

  • Ability to assist residents with daily care needs and activities, such as dressing, bathing, and grooming.

About the Company

Cherry Hills Estates Assisted Living and Independent Senior Apartments is a hometown owned and operated Assisted Living facility located in Valentine, NE. We provide a comfortable community for today's seniors and their ever-changing needs. We are dedicated to promoting each resident's independence, individuality, personal dignity, and privacy.

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