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Socialize and Mingle

Daily conversations at coffee time! Cherry Hills has a variety of wonderful social areas to relax or mingle with friends.


  • Beautiful relaxing lounge areas

  • Centrally located dining room

  • Private dining room

  • Restaurant dining three meals a day

Commons Area

The Commons Area is always a hub of activity. There is a beautiful hutch used to display many of the residents’ prized treasures. 60-inch plasma television has brought viewing pleasure for all the residents. The commons is a wonderful place to show informational DVDs and host educational sessions. Movies are shown every Saturday afternoon on a screen big enough for all to see and enjoy! This is a great area for hosting music groups and bands throughout the year. Many times through the week residents gather around the piano for an old-fashioned sing-a-long.

Cherry Hills Estates Chapel

The Cherry Hills Estates Chapel is a wonderful addition to the spiritual community at Cherry Hills Estates. The pulpit is filled by eight area pastors from a variety of denominations. The services are at 3:00 every Sunday afternoon and include hymn singing, prayers, scripture, and sermons. The chapel is open to everyone and enjoyed by many.

The Library

The Library has a varied selection of novels, biographies, fiction and non-fiction choices. Many of the books are large-print to make it easier for everyone to read. There is a computer for letter writing and games, with lighted monitor magnifier.

Billiards Room

Billiards anyone? This social room is a great place to gather for a morning card game and swap stories with friends.

Activity Room

The Activity Room is the center for small groups and resident activities.

Cherry Hills Estates hosts many open houses for residents and the public. This includes: birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, and bridal showers. The Activity room accommodates up to 50 people. 

Private Dining Room

The Private Dinning Room is a lovely setting for many small groups, community organizations and clubs. It is a great family dining area for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries when several family members want to eat together. 

Social Room

The Social Room is a great place to sit and watch a movie or invite the grandkids to come join grandma or grandpa for a game of cards. It has nice comfortable chairs and is a pleasant place to relax and visit with family and friends.

Dining Rooms

Cherry Hills Estates has two full-service dining rooms where every meal is served restaurant-style. Breakfast is from 7:00 to 9:00 am. This allows residents the flexibility to choose. Two main entrees are served at noon and evening meals. Other menu items can be substituted if the kitchen staff is notified by 10:00 am for noon meals or 3:00 pm for evening meals. The residents are welcome to invite guest for meals. The kitchen staff appreciates being notified so they can plan accordingly

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