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Cherry Hills Estates boasts a very diverse Activity Program.  We offer morning fitness five days a week, and Bingo twice a week.  Because music brings such joy to our residents we try to have special music guests at least twice a month.  We have pet therapy often with a variety of animals.  Our residents enjoy visits from local children whether it be flower planting, special music or random acts of kindness.  Spiritual growth is also very important to our community and we have several opportunities to spend time in God's word with a Sunday afternoon service as well as weekly Rosary, Bible Study and Bi-weekly Mass.  Many other activities such as Dominos, Cards, Cornhole, Joy Rides, Ladies' Coffee, Shopping trips, Library visits, Nail Care, Monthly Resident Birthday Party and Special Holiday Events keep our residents active and socially engaged.  

“Aging is not ‘lost youth’ but a new stage

of opportunity and strength.” Betty Friedan

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