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Quality of Services & Staff


Cherry Hills Estates is nestled in Valentine, NE with beautiful canyon views to the north perfect for viewing willdlife. But, not only is Cherry Hills a quiet and comfortable place it offers a variety of quality services to its residents.

Rain or shine, our staff is here to help and care for the residents of Cherry Hills Estates. Completely committed to their work and quality of service, you won't find a friendlier staff.

Variety in Apartments


Our apartments offer comfortable, clean and pleasing sanctuaries for our residents. Whether you are in need of assistive care, or can be more independent, we have a room for you. With a variety of amenities and services our apartments are sure to be just what your loved ones are looking for.

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1100 E 10th St.

Valentine, NE 69201

Cherry Hills Estates is a 2020 member of the Nebraska Assisted Living Association.  We are proud of this affiliation with the state’s assisted living facility association and look forward to working with them to improve and promote long-term all services for all Nebraskans.

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